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Why Physicians Consider ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) as Their Best Friend When Fighting Denials?

Established on September 2, 1974, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act is coded in the 29 USC, Chapter 18 and is a claimed federal law. As stated by this law, every individual is entitled to a sum of money after retirement that has to be provided by his employer, irrespective of any circumstances.

Further, employee plan participants and their beneficiaries are also covered under this clause. Under the same clause, Employee Retirement Income Security Act or ERISA, it is a fraudulent activity if an employer denies his employee such amount, accounting to which a serious action may be taken against him and his organization.

In a country with an ever-growing economy, it is only expected that the costs of living will be staggering high. One of the major concerns that individuals face after retirement is controlling such costs and still being able to manage by themselves in their old age. Many also look forward to enjoying and relaxing at this stage of their life after a period of grueling work and hardships, but however, the stress of taking care of multiple expenses often diminishes such dreams and desires.

When it comes to the medical industry, things are no different. A physician who has spent their years treating and looking after people now start worrying about their own health and start scrutinizing their options available. This is exactly where the Employee Retirement Income Security Act comes in place. The primary need of the law was to fulfill the protection required by employees even after they are retired and to make their journey a happy, safe, and comfortable one.

The law works to render the below-mentioned benefits to retired individuals:

  • Provides health plan benefit protection
  • Protects’ employees retirement plans
  • Protects their right to health insurance in case of a medical emergency or in case they suffer from medical conditions
  • Ensures support to retired employees by helping them keep their insurance active unless they manage to find alternative individual coverage
  • Also covers those who are distinguished in the healthcare industry due to certain conditions
  • Ensures pensions are protected and safeguards the money earned by employees by preventing any hasty decisions over transactions

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act has thus gone above and beyond the ordinary to make lives easier for retired individuals. Many times, folks also skip insurance and coverage after a certain period of time considering the payments that need to be made and under the impression that it will not be required since they have a clean health history.

However, it is a wise decision to ensure you have at least a minimum coverage to safeguard your money and more importantly to protect your health that is irreplaceable.

When it comes to the world of medical billing and coding, physicians are well aware of the benefits of insurance and consider it dearer than money. Thus, considering the act worthy and give it prime importance since it can go a long way in the way of fighting denials. With this enlightenment, many other individuals are now considering insurance and opting for medical coverage.


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