Why We Love Medical Coder (And You Should, Too!)

With the increasing number of healthcare service providers all over the world, the demand for medical coding professionals is also increasing. Recent news also mentioned that this profession will be in great demand within the next 5 years. But, due to the recent transition to the new ICD-10 classifications, there’s a shortage of medical coders.

Coding is an important aspect as it can directly, or indirectly, affects the reimbursement of medical practice. Coding is also important for demographic assessment, treatment outcomes, and other reimbursement systems. To make your practice more profitable, one can also outsource their medical coding services.

A medical coder is an integral part of any medical practice for efficient working of the healthcare industry. Some coders work at the physician’s office, some at the hospitals, and some even work remotely. If medical coders can handle the coding, the physician can focus on their core tasks of treating and communicating with their patients, keeping the AR and revenue cycle in place.

These reasons offer advantages like:

  • Enhanced revenues and profits
  • More focus on patient care and less administrative work
  • Keeping confident patient records
  • Transparency in revenue cycle management
  • Visible reduction in AR days
  • Denial Management and analysis

The primary responsibility of a medical biller is to see that the services that are provided to the patient by the medical practices are properly billed. Codes have to be properly assigned for the services and procedures that were provided. Seeking the help and support of a medical coder ensures that your medical billing is done correctly to ensure faster reimbursement.

Benefits of having a medical coder for your practice

A medical coder knows the value of time and is trained in that manner to process the claims. Therefore, whether it’s a single coder or a team of coders, they will passionately work for you. Reputed billing companies have a good record of billing practices and let you have maximum reimbursement. They provide services relating to charge posting, charge entries, patient inquiry and billing process, submission of Insurance bills and claims, follow-up if any rejections, and finally the payments are made on time.

The medical coding specialist integrates medical reports, outlines information in the documentation process, assigns them appropriate codes, and develops claims to be processed. Accuracy in coding is crucial. It makes a difference in the claim reimbursement process.

Here are other reasons why a medical coder is so important:

  • Enables assigning of charges to resources that have been utilized inpatient care.
  • Establishes Medical Indispensability of Treatment
  • Creates supportive coding documentation to apprehend why particular charges were submitted.
  • Provides Precise Reimbursement
  • Assists with Appeal Denials

A professional medical coder has advanced knowledge of coding. He provides the required information to the billing staff, as and when required. At the end of every month, they provide you with the managerial and financial reports by keeping transparency within the system.

The medical coders provide a competitive edge to your practice and their services come at a decent price. You can expect maximum reimbursements and this also results in less or no denials. And with this, medical coding specialists have become the front line in healthcare data analytics.

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