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One of the most valuable services for medical providers in Indiana is medical billing and coding.  Our medical billers and coders based in Indianapolis have over six years of rigorous medical billing experience.

These billers can reduce denials to a great extent and also the amount of time taken to recover revenues by medical practices. The following skills our Indianapolis billers and coders helps them secure good revenues for your practices:

  • Accuracy in data entry
  • Proficiency in ICD-9 coding as well as CPT/HCPS coding
  • Payment posting
  • Follow-up on all outstanding claims
  • Developing reports that classify revenues stuck with different payers

Our Indianapolis biller’s skill will help you understand the avenues where revenue can be collected. Finding efficient and expert billers was never easier in Indiana, just match your specialty and location with these billers and get the best resource to streamline your revenue cycle.

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Billing and Coding in a nutshell- The pictorial section will help you understand the 'this and that' of billing and management. Go through the infographs for an understanding of process, in short.

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