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Physicians across the nation have been struggling to find a professional who can relieve them of their administrative chores so that they can face the challenges of providing quality healthcare. Most physicians would rather prefer a specialist taking care of the reimbursement process and maximize their revenue but they are tirelessly looking for the rest to manage their revenue cycle management.

Coding and Audits

Of all the components in your Medical Billing Management, Coding and Audits must assume prominence since medical insurance companies tend to decide on the quantum of your claim reimbursement based on the cognizable evidence in your coding patterns. As medical coding has evolved into a complex procedure, frequency of coding errors has become more common rendering your claim sheets vulnerable to denial or delay.

But, outsourcing Coding and Audit from competent medical practices can not only take burden off the coding and audit intricacies, but also augment revenue generation through unhindered realization of claims.

Operating on the dictum of being catalyst to medical practitioners' Medical Billing Management, our superior Coding and Audit process – infused with compliant coding practices – can match diverse coding expectations.

The following value-points in our Coding and Audit should be ample proof of our competence and experience:

Professional Qualification and experience:

Our expert coding and auditing professionals are certified by AAPC, and possess substantial experience in carrying out coding and auditing for diverse medical disciplines. Training for ICD10 is also under progress for masters of ICD 9

Technological Interface:

As the industry migrates to EHR compliance, we have already set in place the requisite technology for seamless Coding and Auditing practices; our self-sufficiency in the state-of-the-art technology comprising advanced medical coding software packages such as, EncoderPro, FLashcode, CodeLink, etc. speaks of our proactive preparedness for preempting coding errors.

Unblemished Quality:

With the requisite qualification, experience, and technology interface our clients' are assured of unblemished quality of coding and audit irrespective of their practices' nature and size.

Comprehensive Coding and Audit Services:

Our Coding and Audit traverse the complete scope Coding and Auditing comprising

  • Emergency room e-code evaluation
  • Backlog coding resolution services
  • Hospital / in-patient coding
  • CPT medical coding
  • ICD-9 coding based on AMA and CMS guidelines
  • Medical coding audits
  • DRG/ICD-9-CM coding validations
  • ASCs – Ambulatory Surgical Centers Coding

Minimal Turnaround Time:

The efficiency of our resources invariably ensures speedier accomplishment of our clients' Coding and Auditing tasks, resulting in substantially reduced Turnaround Time for claim realization.

Thus, professionally highly competent and technologically superior, our ingenious Medical Coding and Audit services – offered both as an individual component or as part of our comprehensive Medical Billing or Revenue Cycle Management suite – should prove beneficial in:

  • Optimizing staffing and infrastructure outlay
  • Preempting claim denials and rejections
  • Augmenting practice efficiency, and revenue generation

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