5 Things you don’t know that Medisoft and ChiroTouch EMR software can do for your practice

5-things-you-dont-know-that-medisoft-and-chirotouch-emr-software-can-do-for-your-practiceTechnology is being infused in all industries and the healthcare field is not behind. Be it a solo practice, healthcare centre or a medical billing company, technology is being used avidly. Usage of the right software is aiding in organizing the workflow and making the billing processes more efficient and effective. Though it is recommended to use the software that best fits your needs, two EMR softwares – Medisoft and Chirotouch can make the insurance billing and coding processes a lot more speedy, simpler, and effectual.

Here are 5 ways in which these two software can be of immense use in billing and coding procedures:


Medisoft is extremely easy to use practice management software which displays an explanation for all the screens available with the help of pop-up windows. It becomes easy for the biller to input the records of the patients submit the insurance claims and successively manage the receivables. The billing and coding team can easily customize the toolbars, search for information while the backups are automatically scheduled. Also, as per HIPAA requirements, if the computer is idle for too long, it automatically logs off users preventing the hacking of records. It also updates the patient chart automatically with a single click.

Medisoft helps in generating a treatment plan for the insurance payment approval, for the patient prior to services being performed; along with informing patients about co-pays and deductibles. Medisoft follows and tracks the visits of patient in the treatment. Also, it keeps track of the payments made by the patient and gives pop-ups for the outstanding payments due. The payments made by patients is automatically matched to the charges billed and in case of non-payments, it is tracked.

Medisoft stocks up to 26 prices for each procedure along with codes as per HIPAA requirements; along with billing information for all types of health insurance. It also provides the facility for checking errors thereby decreasing rejections and enhancing payments.

With the facility of electronic patient statements, it can process and mail statements on time and remind the patient of payments accordingly. Also, with the facility with aging reports, it can track and inform about the past-due payments, if any.

Medisoft can be useful in writing collection letters, and printing patient statements. Medisoft streamlines processes such as: Patient Daysheet in Medisoft can close the day’s accounts accurately and timely; Practice Analysis report can be used for adjusting accounts; and with Patient Referral Report, one can subsequently track and acknowledge referral sources. Appointments can be scheduled automatically with Medisoft. Security levels are assigned in Medisoft to each employee for protection of data. With the help of Contact Log, communication can be maintained and tracked with pharmacies and insurance carriers. In Medisoft Clinical, tools such as templates, dictation, and digital pen can effectively be tailor made as per preferences.


ChiroTouch can be used by solo practitioners as well as hospitals. It is another state of the art practice management software designed especially for chiropractic practice. Appointment scheduling, and patient billing and coding processes become much easier with this software. ChiroTouch allows for customization based on requirements and manages all the patient data at one place. ChiroTouch can run reports and figure out the patients who do not have an appointment, hence schedule it accordingly. Financial reports can be moved into excel format for setting goals for collections. Patients can view their x-rays and bills on the computer and download the details for future references accordingly. It complies with HIPAA standards and provides complete privacy and security. Preloaded forms on ChiroTouch can be customized as per requirements. ChiroTouch also supports the paper and electronic version on HCFA form billing. Reports can be filtered; and with CTScheduler, accurate schedules can be maintained for efficient organization. New MS Word templates can be added as well for effective workflow management.

Medical Billers and Coders use both these software for clinical documentation, practice and patient record management services. This aids in efficient medical billing and coding services ensuring cost-effectiveness, and revenue maximization. Medical Billers and Coders also use these software for simpler accounting of payments (matching of charges to actual payments). The team can create customized claim forms as per insurance regulations. And as codes (ICD, CPT, HCPC) are automatically installed in the software, billers and coders get updated details and can submit claims for automatic and timely reimbursements.

 EMR software can deliver the highest quality of clinical outcomes, along with providing the means to efficiently garner apt revenues.