Average Single Specialty Practices Cater to 42-49 Percentage of Medicare Populace!

That means nearly half of your total patient population comprises of Medicare beneficiaries.  And, you could have remained indifferent as long as Medicare’s reimbursements continued to be as normal as private health insurance reimbursements.

While physicians’ have remained immune to its impending backlash thus far, they may not be so lucky henceforth; the Federal Government, unable to contain the exploding Medicare expenditure, has finally pressed the panic-button which physicians had been feared of –

Medicare reimbursements cut and their effects:

  • Approximately 4-5% cuts expected each year through 2012, – can result in a substantial erosion of practice revenues
  • Practice will find it hard to compete, sustain, and grow – on marginal revenues from private insurance reimbursements
  • Extreme possibility – the cumulative effect of such Medicare cuts may even bring practices on the brink of sell-out or closure

Ways to off-set the adverse impact of the imminent Medicare cuts:

  • Maximize your Medicare reimbursements – error-free billing, coding, and submission
  • Being eligible for Medicare bonuses and incentives – adopt ACO model of medical care dispensation and compliant EHR practice
  • Focusing on getting as many reimbursements as you can from – other sources (private health insurance reimbursements and fees)
  • Get credentialing services for your practices

Outsourcing your billing to dedicated specialists could be the key!

  • Specialization as their lone concern is to maximize their clients’ revenues from reimbursements
  • Voluminous operations – helps in reducing the cost of medical billing services
  • Market-orientation –  ensures that clients’ medical billing practices are compliant with the evolving industry standards

Tackling Medicare as well as other reimbursements with MBC …

Medicalbillersandcoders.com – by virtue of being the leading consortium of medical billers and coders across the U.S – is uniquely poised to play the defining role in this regard. Combining its unique legacy with a comprehensive process of medical billing RCM – Patient Scheduling and Reminders, Patient enrollment, Insurance Enrollment, Insurance verification, Insurance Authorizations, Coding and audits, Billing and Reconciling of Accounts, Account Analysis and Denial Management, A/R Management, and Financial Management Reporting – Medicalbillersandcoders.com additionally offering value added services like consultancy and credentialing promises to guide physician practices through these testing times.