Delivering Quality Service to Patients at Lesser Costs

The reforms in the health care sector would essentially mean that physicians have to deliver quality service at lower costs. This is inevitable since doctors and hospitals can be penalized for negligence if they end up giving the wrong treatment due to increased work pressure and in order to meet the break-even point. As 45 million uninsured around the country are going to be covered under the reforms by the year 2014, it would become difficult to manage time and provide quality care at the same time.

The healthcare reform bill would essentially mean that health care providers would drown in work. The major issue here is not just dealing with the patients but also with the insurance companies and other necessities such as medical billing, coding, denial management and accounts receivables. When you want to concentrate on patient care then dealing with these auxiliary functions yourself may be taxing on you.

The perfect solution would be to hire professionals for the coding, billing and other functions such as accounts receivables to a team of experts who are not only professionals but are also experienced. It would not be pragmatic to hire a single person or an office assistant to perform these functions since it would not ensure quality in face of increased medical billing requirements.

The best way out is to hire people who are well trained in handling specialty such as yours and keep abreast of all the changes in the billing and coding. Such professionals can conduct quality checks and audits along with prioritization so that you receive the full value for the services that you have been rendered. They can also provide credentialing with new payers and handle all payer queries and get your claims paid.

All the above factors combined would mean that you do not face reduced revenues due to such other essential jobs. This would greatly relieve you of the burden of issues not directly related to your core job responsibilities. As we move towards a world where insurance companies are reining and getting insurance would be compulsory for everyone, it makes sense to hire experts who can assist you in doing your job in a smoother and efficient manner.

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