Demand for Gastroenterology Services to Impact Medical Billing in Clinics and Hospitals?

The consistent rise in demand for Gastroenterology services has really been a boon for clinics and hospitals. But the growth has been so overwhelming that it started affecting their reimbursements in a big way. While practitioners have generally been preoccupied with clinical duties, their medical billing staff have found the voluminous growth simply hard to cope with. As a result, there may been considerable delay in processing claims, leaving physicians’ bills to pile up as ‘account receivables’. The situation is likely to be even more demanding as a large percentage of population is going to be brought under Medicare and other insurance schemes. As per the reliable industry sources, Gastroenterology specialty alone will see 20 to 25 percent growth over the next five years or so.

Fortunately, Gastroenterology practices can replace or ease medical billing woes with outsourced Gastroenterology medical billing solutions. The quality of services offered is generally good across the US, but it is still advisable to gauge your prospective service providers’ credentials before taking them onboard. Amongst many parameters against which you may judge your prospective Gastroenterology Billing partners’ competence, following assume more significance than the rest:

  • History of your prospective Gastroenterology billing partners: 

    It is always safe and prudent to engage with billing partners with considerable and demonstrated ability to handle medical claims with Medicare, Medicaid and commercial carriers.

  • Staff’s experience and credentials: 

    It is the billing professionals’ experience and credentials that translate into tangible benefits for you. Thus, it is important to verify your prospective billing company’s staff’s experience and credentials such as being certified billers and coders from authorized institutes.

  • Timeliness and accuracy of service: 

    Notwithstanding your Gastroenterology billing company’s credentials, it all the more important that they deliver on-time and accurate billing services.

  • Being compliant with Federal as well as state-specific Gastroenterology regulatory compliance: 

    Outsourced billing service providers are bound by the regulatory compliance standards, either Federal or state-specific. As outsourced service providers, it is imperative that your prospective Gastroenterology billing partners comply with either of the two

  • Competitive cost: 

    With other things being equal, you should insist on those partners whose prices are relatively less.

  • Inclusiveness of services: 

    While you may be availing Gastroenterology billing solutions, yet your billing partners should be judged for their ability to offer inclusive set of services, such as the entire process of Gastroenterology Revenue Cycle Management (RCM).

The advantage of this fact-checking is that it you can be sure of the following benefits from your billing partners:

  • Timely Processing and Submission of Claims: 

    Once you have chosen Gastroenterology billing company against the parameters listed above, it is more or less guaranteed that your claims will be processed and submitted in time either through paper or electronically. The timeliness and accuracy of submission will go a long way in fast realization of your Gastroenterology claims with Medicare or commercial carriers.

  • Follow up with payors: 

    Follow up, being an integral component of your billing providers’ services, will help isolate partially paid or unpaid claims and entitle you to the amount due to you.

  • Report Generation: 

    The utility of having an inclusive Gastroenterology billing service partner is that you can expect to be fed with reports that can be used to bring about clinical and operational improvement.

As you begin your search for inclusive Gastroenterology Billing service providers, you may find the selection a bit tricky. That is precisely why we, at, are committed to mediate the deployment of Gastroenterology billing resources chosen from a talent-pool of Gastroenterology billers across the 50 states in the U.S.