Dermatologists’ Shortage in the US – a Medical Billing Perspective

Contrary to mounting demand, US healthcare industry continues to be plagued by shortage of dermatologists – the physician-patient ratio has grown to be so unhealthy that patients have to wait as long as 38 days just to have an appointment with their physicians; there have even been extreme cases of waiting being stretched to 73 days! While such inadequacy can seriously impede patients’ from availing timely treatment for emergencies, it can also prove to be burdensome for what seems to be disproportionate physician number.

And, with their fees being reimbursed through health insurance, dermatologists have to carry out the inevitable medical billing with what has come to be recognized as highly stringent health insurance reimbursement environment post the recent Federal Healthcare Reforms. As dermatologists find themselves strewn between quality care and revenue management, there is likely to be a compromise on either of the two. But, with both quality care and revenue management being inseparable and crucial to their growth and sustenance, there needs to be an amicable balance between the two.

As dermatologist contemplate on effective and efficient medical billing management, there seems to be unanimity as to the efficacy of outsourced medical billing practices from competent sources over what has largely been unsuccessful in-house medical billing practices. But, it is the choice of the prospective medical billing service providers that holds the key to Dermatologists’ revenue prospects as well as an incentive for focused concentration on quality medical care to the faith-reposing patient community at large. Therefore, it is highly desirable that Dermatologist seek to satisfy themselves about their prospective medical billing service providers’ self-sufficiency in the requisite competencies, such as medical billing of diverse dermatology services – cosmetic dermatology with minimally invasive procedures, dermatopathology services, immunodermatology services, pediatric dermatology services, teledermatology services, etc.

Credentials in ensuring comprehensive suite of Dermatology medical billing services, such as patient registration, eligibility verification, claim generation, claim submission, medical coding, charge entry and cash posting, A/R denial management and claim follow-up, and appeals; being advisory to Dermatology administrative staff entrusted with the arduous task of preliminary documentation of dermatology medical billing.

  • About – whose comprehensive suite for Dermatology medical billing management thrives on imperial qualification and competencies, such as certification from American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC); expertise in advanced technology interface for medical billing and coding; proficiency in applying standard CPT, HCPCS procedure and supply codes, and ICD diagnosis coding as per CMS guidelines and HIPAA compliant medical reporting – has been a credible source for Dermatologists seeking inclusive medical billing services that potentially bring down A/C receivable days, operational expenditure, delay and denial of dermatology insurance claims, and maximize revenue generation from seamless realization of medical claims for diverse dermatology services. Its inclusive dermatology medical billing approach with accurate charge capture, intricate procedure coding, electronic filing of claims, patient billing, multi-tiered appeal process, denial elimination initiatives, and compliance program operations has been a premier recourse of majority of dermatologist across the US.