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Difference between medical coding and medical transcription

Patient charts are assigned with CPT, HCPCS, and/or ICD9 codes by medical coders for reimbursement. Each should be precise which helps to accurately describe the procedure performed and diagnosis rendered by patients.

Medical Coding

Medical coding is the transformation of healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services, and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric codes. To know more about medical billing

Skills required medical coder:

  • Specific billing and coding knowledge, computer skills.
  • Possess good people skills to communicate with the medical staff, patients, and insurance companies
  • Certification is optional but highly recommended

What is Medical coding and what are its opportunities?

Medical Coding provides codes to diagnose the procedures which assist in financial settlement from insurance companies, government agencies. Medical coding can consider as insurance coding in the healthcare industry.

Medical coders can be produced who specialize in coding after a comprehensive training course and a certification process. These coders work in different places such as hospitals, clinics, dentists, and should have information on medical terminology and physiology.

You need to know about medical transcription

Medical transcription is an allied health profession dealing with the process of transcribing voice-recorded medical reports that are dictated by physicians, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners.

Doctors, nurse practitioners, surgeons, and other healthcare providers frequently express frustration in getting bogged down with paperwork that limits their time with their patients. Moreover, transcribing notes which include everything from clinical summaries to surgery notes.

Taking an audio recording and turning it into a written document for own records, insurance claims, and patient’s medical charts are is consuming the time for healthcare providers. Hence these providers hire general transcriptionists to transcribe their audio.

Various devices such as handheld digital recorders help healthcare providers for recording. These voice recorders can save files after being recorded onto the device. These handheld devices are fast, easy to use, and convenient which speed up the process of recording audio in the short-term. However, it takes up a massive amount of time to transcribe the dictations later for providers.

Skills required becoming a medical transcriptionist (MT):

  • Need listening skills and knowledge of medical terminology.
  • Excellent typing, grammar, and other aligned skills.
  • Need a lot of focus that could put a lot of stress on the mind.
  • Incongruous information becomes more apparent as a transcriptionist gains experience. The alert MT often lookout for misinformation that does not add up

There are always new learning experiences, always new opportunities around the corner, and fantastic potential to make a great living and work from home for MT.

Difference between medical coding and medical transcription

Medical coding and medical transcription has some crossover areas; however, there are key differences between both of them

  • Medical coding involves activities such as taking patient medical records and records them using a standard coding system which is recognized throughout the United States while medical transcription focused on creating records from patient consultations
  • Medical coding contains written medical records, case notes from doctors, and billing information from the hospital and clinic databases while medical transcription deals with audio recordings from consultations and translates them into medical records
  • Both roles coder and transcriptionist are essential however; transcriptionist fits into more of a niche area. Moreover, the transcriptionist may also have a quality assurance role, ensuring that consultations are being performed in line with regulations and hospital or clinic policy
  • Transcriptionists have more possibilities to work from home than medical coders. Most of the experienced medical transcriptionists work from home
  • A medical transcriptionist will typically have to acquire experience in a medical facility but can work from home after working in an office for a couple of years while coders start working in doctors’ offices, hospitals, and other health care facilities. After acquiring some experience medical coders work from home.

Medical transcription services are highly specialized, and we are well trained and experienced people for handling transcription services. We can help you speed up your process, help more patients, and have stronger, more accurate records. If you are looking for how our medical transcription services can help? There’s no risk to set up a no-obligation call, so get in touch and learn more about what we can do for you.


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