Eliminating audit Risk in Your Gastroenterology Billing Practices

Gastroenterology Medical Billing ServicesMedical audit is without doubt the most difficult time that any medical practice may have to survive. It involves scrutiny of medical records, critical analysis of billing and collection processes and worst of all, unearthing old claim settlements and payment records which inevitably prove you in debt of Medicare or Medicaid! In fact, surviving audit is not the only test; the real challenge is to come out of a medical audit without any significant financial or technical loss. Medical audit not only hampers the efficiency and productivity of your GE practice but also wastes quite a few man hours. Therefore, eliminating medical audit risk for your Gastroenterology practice is the best way to improve existing processes and address problematic areas in your medical practice.

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Audit risk can be effectively minimized by way of installing regular system checks for quality improvement and quality assurance. Following steps can eliminate the audit risk for your GE practice as well as prepare it for the worst case scenario –

  • Undergo regular practice medical audits – Practice audits are conducted by peer groups and medical associations typically having medical experts that have experience in the same specialty field as your practice. These practice audits expose possible problem areas in your GE practice and help you plan out improvement strategies.
  • Conduct regular compliance sessions – Quality assurance and improvement is derived predominantly from compliance of your services to HIPAA guidelines and other healthcare regulations. Most medical practices fall prey to heavy financial penalty due to insufficient patient data security and missed compliance. By conducting regular compliance sessions for your medical and billing staff you can ensure that no process is left with an exception to compliance guidelines which can result in audit red flags.
  • Update your billing software to EHR/EMR– Automation of billing process can streamline majority of your processes in a manner that minimizes human errors and reduce audit risk exponentially. Gastroenterology practices attract a lot of audit calls due to patient complains and claim denials, both of which are results of incorrect medical records and faulty billing. EHR/EMR can effectively reduce patient record errors and billing discrepancies, resulting in reduced audit risk.
  • Revise coding changes in your system periodically – With the inclusion of many new medical procedures under the purview of gastroenterology, ICD10 coding changes have become of utmost importance for GE practitioners. Revising coding changes in your system can ensure correct coding and billing practice and lesser claim denials as well as audit risk.
  • Maintaining RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) Revenue cycle management can streamline your entire billing and coding process, thereby enabling better monitoring of your financials and accounts receivables.

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