Increasing Demand for Certified Coders in Healthcare

The year 2010 has set a premium on the coding professionals, registering a rise in their average salaries. And as expected, the salaries for certified medical coders are higher as compared to the non certified ones.

According to a salary survey of nearly 12000 coding professionals, the average salaries for credentialed coding professionals have increased by 1.5 percent to $45,404 while non-credentialed professionals saw a 1.2 percent increase to an average salary of $37,746 in 2010. This underscores the rising demand for certified billing professionals in the dynamic healthcare industry which has seen a spurt of health reforms in the recent times.

Overall, the healthcare employment has risen by 306,000 in the last 12 months; it rose by 30,000 in the month of August itself. The Ambulatory health care services and hospitals have added 18,000 and 8,000 jobs to the health care kitty, respectively. (Source: Bureau of labor statistics)

Looking at the trend, the healthcare industry seems poised on the brink of expansion, underlining the potential requirement of effectively trained professionals in many fields. has registered a spike in the demand of certified billers and coders across many specialties recently. Hence, it is advisable for coding professionals to get themselves certified in order to participate competitively in the professional coding market.