Keeping your Gastroenterology Practice Updated with Changing Billing & Coding Practice

Medical Billing Companies ServicesThe importance of keeping abreast with the rapidly changing medical coding and billing practices cannot be emphasized enough as Gastroenterology is a rapidly growing area of patient care. Every day new and detailed surgical procedures and relevant codes are added to the ever-growing list of gastroenterology practices. It is paramount to avoid the dreaded audit exposure and maximize revenue with different types of codes, whether ICD codes, CPT codes or coding compliance.

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It is possible for your Gastroenterology practice to follow the correct billing and updated coding procedures by keeping in mind the following –

  • Follow proper coding practices –
    A highly stressed and sedentary lifestyle is leading to a rapid increase in number of patients as well as specialized care for gastric disorders. The most crucial step for any successful Gastroenterology practice is to emphasize the importance correct coding against specific medical procedures to its medical staff in accordance to the rapidly changing coding and billing.
  • Set up Revenue Cycle Management
    RCM entails keeping accountability for claims at all times. The process involves the use of technology to track the claims of the medical practice. If the RCM procedure is adopted for coding, processing of claims, payments and the subsequent revenue by your Gastroenterology practice then issues of denied claims and accurate payments can be avoided.
  • Duplicate coding –
    The Gastroenterology practice undergoes frequent changes and even though EMR has led to greater billing economy, it also leads to duplicate or similar codes for varied treatments like colonoscopies, esophageal dilations and ERCP etc. The checking and correction of these coding errors can keep your GE practice up to date.
  • Ensure proper authorization –
    Gastroenterology entails many new procedures that sometimes have post surgery authorization. In order to ensure the claims are approved and no surgery is unpaid for the practice must ensure that proper authorization is obtained before the procedure.
  • Regular Training of Support staff –
    Rapid changes in the coding and healthcare practices require frequent training and guidance for your medical and support staff. The staff needs to be trained for the fee-for-service model and being receptive for patient satisfaction and care. The customer complaints can be reduced with the help of accurate medical history, well trained staff and up to date medical records by sensitizing the staff as well as streamlined billing and payment procedures.
  • Managing revenue and outstanding accounts –
    A crucial aspect of RCM is complete accountability of both the inflow and outflow of money from your medical practice with the aid of the claims that are properly coded using ICD-10 and other relevant codes. The process should be ingrained in the working of the medical staff for checking up on collection of payments and all claims addressed on time. Regular follow up and tracking of claims is required to avoid losing revenue over incomplete and inaccurately coding bills. ensures that your Gastroenterology practice benefits immensely by keeping abreast with the changes in the various coding and billing procedures. and its team of experts will ensure the adoption of the latest developments in the gastroenterology for coding, procedures and terminology for your medical practice.