Newly Introduced Iridium Vs. Office Ally software in Medical Billing Industry

Iridium vs. Office Ally software In today’s times medical billing software is an important part of every medical practice because they help control the cash flow, which is the lifeline of the practice. A good medical billing software helps to streamline claims submission, provides good reporting modules to manage the cash flow and in turn speed up the payment time.

Innumerable medical billing software are available and each one has its own pros & cons. In this write up the focus is on two such software: Iridium Suite and Office Ally.

Iridium Suite Software

Iridium Suite is the flagship product of Medical Business Systems, the leaders in healthcare software. The unique aspect of this software is that it was designed in a clinical setting and not in an isolated IT setup. Therefore, it is known as the software created by billers for billers. The software follows an intuitive workflow which makes the system not only user friendly but also facilitates increase in staff productivity.

The Iridium Suite offers an all-inclusive approach to billing, which can help a medical practice achieve maximum claims reimbursement since the claims are completed quickly and accurately. This in turn increases the revenue of the medical practice.

Some of the key features of the software are:

  • Cloud based system: The Iridium Suite is a cloud based software and therefore can easily meet the needs of any medical practice. It can be used by a single physician practice to an enterprise level practice with more physicians.
  • Hardware and software agnostic: Iridium Suite is a hardware software agnostic and supports innumerable users. This enables any practice to access the solution from any computer at any point of time. The only key requirement being availability of high speed internet connection.
  • Automated features: The software also includes an array of automated features such as

– Real time eligibility – allows the practice to check the eligibility of the patient on real time basis

– Automated claims scrubber – this provides immediate feedback alerting the billers when a charge is not as per the medical billing rules, thus helping to bill claims correctly

– Fully automated and integrated electronic billing – this feature helps customers to send claims and receive ERA’s without interacting with any third party

  • Easy to import patient data: The software is compatible and can connect with most EMRs / EHRs to import patient details, which reduces manual keying requirement
  • Robust reports: There is a powerful and robust reporting module that allows billing services to provide important data to their customers through the easy to generate reports

Office Ally Software

Office Ally is a fully service based medical claims clearing house, offering web based services to providers for free. The business model is simple where the health insurance carriers are charged to submit one’s claims. This medical billing software helps numerous practices to improve their cash flow.

This software has some impeccable features which has made it a popular tool amongst the billers:

  • Organizing claims: This software has several features that organize the claims in an orderly fashion making the task of looking up for claims very easy
  • 24/7 access: Office Ally’s clearing software can be accessed at any point of time, seven days a week to upload one’s claims. The notification alert enables one to know if their claims were accepted or rejected
  • Good reports: The software generates flawless reports that can be used to improve the practice
  • HIPAA complaint: The HIPAA compliance clause is adhered to by the software, thus making transmitting claims safe and secure
  • Customized bills: Office Ally software helps to create customized bills for each practice as per their needs and requirements

It can be thus be concluded that both the software are pretty convenient and both have excellent features with the potential to bring about substantial improvement in managing the medical billing cycle and ease in running a medical practice. Users of both, Iridium Suite and Office Ally have given high ratings for the software with no glaring negative feedback. It is up to every individual physician or practice to choose the software which suits and meets their needs.