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Outsource Dermatology Medical Billing – Increase Collection by 20%

Dermatology revenue cycle management is more than just dermatology medical billing. It is a service that manages the processes that impact your bottom line from first patient contact to paid account balances and everything in between. The procedure to manage your dermatology treatment center’s revenue cycle management begins before your patient visit and ends when there is a zero balance that is owed to you.

As a dermatology practice owner, it is an opportune time to get your business’ financial “house” in order, finding ways to increase revenue without increasing costs as it relates to your dermatology medical billing.

Time To Work Smarter & Not Harder

Dermatology practices are not resistant to volatile economic conditions that impact most other industries. Whether times are good or challenging today, dermatologists need to foresee and prepare for a drop in collections and a decrease in revenue at any point.

Unfortunately, spending an excessive amount of time managing your revenue cycle also makes you suffer your practice by spending less time, energy and focus on patient care.

Consider Outsourcing Your Dermatology Medical Billing

Outsourcing your dermatology billing can lend extensive experience and expertise to help you increase revenue by 20%, maximize profitability and streamline your billing processes letting you focus on patient care.

If you are determined to outsource, sensibly consider vendor qualifications and ability to meet your practice needs. At a minimum, an outsourcing dermatology medical billing company should have:

  • Dermatology billing expertise
  • Experienced, professional billing staff
  • Quality service and proven business performance
  • Comprehensive, integrated solutions, including practice management, electronic medical record and inventory management systems
  • Strong leadership and management
  • Satisfied customers and solid references
  • Company stability and long-term commitment

By outsourcing your internal resources to focus on collections, or turning to a dermatology billing outsourcing company like MBC to handle all of your medical billing needs and more, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying increased revenue up to 20% and beyond.

How MBC Medical Billing & Coders Can Help?

At MBC, they find the solutions related to your dermatology practice billing problems:

  • How MBC can assist you?
  • Do you need to increase your collections?
  • Is your billing costing you too much?
  • Is cash flow a problem?
  • Are your claims submitted timely?
  • Are you worried more about medical insurance billing than practicing medicine?

MBC proudly supports Dermatologists with outsourced medical billing services and collections. MBC is experienced in the specialized coding requirements of Dermatologists in their practices of working with a wide range of patients with skin and any related conditions.

MBC has proudly earned a superior reputation for our local support of Physicians with a comprehensive range of outsourcing services. Get in touch with us!


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