Preparing Your Medical Practice For Intricate Procedure Coding

medical billing and coding serviceThe medical field is rapidly evolving and subsequently has regular advances in medical billing and coding procedures. Even though your medical practice might be using the latest RCM and ICD codes it can be caught unawares of these changes. The relevant numerical code must be assigned to a specific procedure or treatment carried out enabling the insurer is able to reimburse the medical practitioner for the services rendered. The various medical procedures are at times similar but have individual codes leading to errors and possible audits. Many payers such as Medicaid and Medicare require codes for all billing and for a capable practice correct coding is crucial. For a successful and profitable practice you must also be aware of the various coding rework procedures. A well prepared medical practice must keep in mind the following –

  • Prepare for ICD-10 Compliance
    Your practice must initiate the documentation and training for the medical and support staff for the move to ICD-10 coding. A time bound, step by step process will make the transition to the new coding procedure easier and simple for the medical practice and its staff.
  • Appraise The Staff, Billers And Payers Of Change –
    If all the parties, the patients, staff and medical staff affected by the change in coding procedures are made aware of the impending change and their role in it the transition to the new coding, it will go on much smoothly. They will be aware of the areas requiring change in practices and work procedure thereby facilitating coding rework.
  • Regulating Staff Training –
    An analysis and review of the staff training requirements is a vital step in the success of coding rework. The proper implementation of codes is possible if the staff understands the changed codes and implements them as required. Analysis of the training needs and subsequent training must be carried out with trial testing for running of new coding to check readiness of staff for new coding process.
  • Budgeting & Time Management –

    The monetary needs and time required for the change in coding needs to be analysed in order to maintain financial viability of your medical practice. Your medical practice must be able to bear the costs of the coding rework. The expenses involved and the requisite budgets need to be allocated before hand to ensure successful transition for coding rework.

  • Checking and Testing –
    Simplify the implementation of the coding rework by periodic checks and trial runs. The testing and prior assessment of the coding rework and associated procedures will reduce errors and confusion when the new processes are finally implemented. It will lead to a smoothly run medical practice with staff that is prepared for the changes and satisfied patients. is a professional medical billing and coding service that aids in the smooth transition for all your medical practice coding rework. The specialists evaluate your system and test your medical staff and offer customised solutions for your medical practice. The experts from ensure that your staff is trained and supported in the execution of all aspects of coding and billing as per your medical practices requirements.