Salary survey 2011 for coders

Salary survey for coders is out for year 2011. The survey is carried out amongst 12,000 respondents; the survey clearly shows an upward trend in average salaries for coders. The survey has also brought out some key trends in coders hiring, region wise average salaries and various career paths coders are opting for.

Let’s have a look on some key trends

Region wise salaries:

Average Salaries varied region wise pacific region saw highest salary with $ 53,334 per annum for a coder while east south central $39,830 per annum. Coders in states with a higher cost of living were paid more than those in states with a lower cost of living. For example, coders in California earned in excess of $57, 700, while workers in Kentucky earned just under $37,500.

Average salaries based on nature of employment

Source: AAPC survey

Average salaries also varied on the basis of nature of employment Self employed individuals have earned average of $69,150 per annum while the coders working in solo practices have earned average salary of $39,920 per annum.

Coders take variety of career paths

Surveys also indicated that coders are taking variety of career paths, with health reform, electronic health records( EHR’s) and ICD-10 they have various options to choose .The common choices were like as coder, management, biller/collector, charge entry, auditor, educator, consultant, claim adjudicator.

These various trends are the evidence of growing demand for skilled coders in a tough economic and health reimbursement provides a comprehensive platform for billers and coders to get the maximum advantage of this growing demand by bridging the gap between them and providers.