The Impact of Staff Turnover on Physician Medical Billing

Staff turnover in any medical practice or hospital can have detrimental repercussions financially as well as qualitatively when it comes to providing healthcare. However, it cannot be denied that staff turnover or attrition would always be present in any practice or hospital; keeping it in control is important for ensuring long term pecuniary benefits and improving the quality of the service that is provided. There are various reasons for staff turnover and how it affects medical billing and provider revenue and there are solutions to turnover problems that can optimize the quality of care, efficiency of workflow processes, improve medical billing and also increase your bottom line.

Health care systems as well as certain facilities where there is nominal investment in healthcare have grave concerns with attrition and turnover, working environment and wages. Reimbursement might be meager or absent, with staff having no say in the improvement of these conditions of care. Consequently, employees and staff frequently leave the practice or hospital in such conditions, leading to numerous problems in keeping the practice afloat or in increasing your revenue or in expanding the practice or facility also disturbing the medical billing process and revenue management cycle of the practice. The brunt of turnover turns out to be far grimmer when there is a scarcity of competent employees and the health requirements of the population exceed the capability of health human resources.

The shortage of staff and the high turnover rate in the country is causing tremendous problems in many processes such as in medical billing where the scope of error has increased due to lack of expertise in physician or hospital staff. Moreover, as mentioned before, the demand for healthcare is increasing due to the fact that there would be more than 30 million newly insured Americans and the turnover rates along with the shortage of supply signifies a bad omen for the health industry. The increased pressure to comply with the recent reform guidelines and qualify for incentives offered by the government has also brought turnover into the limelight since it is one of the major causes of financial leakage and soaring costs.

There are numerous ways and reports that have been put forward by experts to reduce turnover in the healthcare industry. Some of the most significant of these are to create a pleasant working environment, addressing employee issues, rewarding good work, paying appropriate remuneration, and ensuring job satisfaction of employees. However, some of these methods do not always work and there is an urgent need to streamline various departmental processes to brace for the impact of increased demand in the health industry.

This work of reducing errors in medical billing and coding, error free denial management, HIPAA compliance, and keeping up-to-date with the changes happening in the health industry can only be carried out by specialists in this field who are experienced and can perform efficiently. Outsourcing the various departmental processes can not only increase the quality of your medical billing and RCM but also eliminate turnover affecting the medical billing process besides ensuring that you as a physician or provider need not worry about staff turnover and have the time and energy to concentrate on the major aspects of medicine.

Medicalbillersandcoders.com is one of the largest consortiums in the United States that offers departmental services such as RCM, denial management, and consultancy in order to ensure that the staff turnover in your hospital or practice does not have a negative impact on your other processes and the revenue.

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