Value over Volume – Based Healthcare Delivery for Medical Practices

Best treatment at reasonable cost is always favorable. Value based healthcare (VBHC) is an optimum strategy which focuses on cost and quality and most importantly on outcomes. The benefit of VBHC lies in that it not only focuses on the actual dollars being spend but also on how the dollars are spend to improve the quality of healthcare.VBHC also assist a physician to get reimbursed for delivering services at comparatively lesser cost.

On the other hand volume based healthcare does not link payment to quality, but rather rewards volume and intensity of care over efficiency. So the shift from volume based healthcare to VBHC is beneficial to physicians, a recent survey will justify this sentence

  • 30% agree completely
  • 43% somewhat agree
  • 19% neither agree nor disagree
  • 7% somewhat disagree
  • 1% disagree completely

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Transforming healthcare to VBHC will increase patient satisfaction and in turn will attract new patients. Efficient patient care and reduced cost will surely result in increased revenue and fame to the clinic. For this transformation a line of action has to be followed –

  • All the information related to the patient must be organized and kept in the same place which is accessible to all concerned
  • The systems should be designed in such a way that everyone related to patient care can coordinate and connect with one another easily
  • Install healthcare IT systems which will ease the process of measuring value of patients along with facilitating coordination of healthcare delivery
  • Patients should be billed for complete heath care rather than for every service separately
  • Reorganize care delivery around patient customer needs or set of conditions instead of around the supply of services

In this scenario a dedicated medical biller is always required to look into the process of documentation, IT systems and coordination as physicians are busy with providing healthcare services. Hiring a biller will allow physician to concentrate on his prime responsibility and on other hand administrative duties will also be carried out effectively by the biller. (MBC) have wide experience and expertise in providing services to upgrade IT systems and organizing documents and information to facilitate patient care. MBC also offers versatile services best suited to your medical billing needs to help improve value based care over volume based care.