How Technology Could Affect Wound Care Billing In Future?

Technology is changing the face of all industries, including health and medicine. From novel and pain-free ways of diagnosing illnesses and preventing them before going out of control, technology is assisting in treating life-threatening diseases too with improved techniques. For e.g. tablet-sized robots can be sent inside the body, capable of taking multi-dimensional pictures while giving medical practitioners a picture of an entire system (e.g. digestive, thereby removing the need for a painful endoscopy). Technology is also creating a huge impact on medical billing and coding strategies. Today Wound care billing and coding professionals are increasingly using Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and other technological software for apt revenue cycle management processes.

Technology in Wound Care Billing:

Billing of wound care is a tedious process. It involves a review of the wound, its dimensions, the place, and if any other ailments such as diabetes affect the wound. Usually, chronic wound care patients require extensive therapies hence things do tend to go out of control at times with other infections such as sepsis, ulcers and dietary issues. Due to all these factors, wound care billing tends to get more difficult; and requires immense precision as they represent a large percentage of reimbursements for the healthcare center.

Technology can be a great savior in the wound care billing and coding process. If there is a web application in place, it can get much easier for medical practitioners to simply fill out the form (EMR), scan and upload the prescriptions, enter the diagnosis and the corresponding CPT codes and upload it for the billing and coding department to then take care of it. The process can then be moved forward to the corresponding insurance agency by the staff after another round of verification check of demographics, insurance policies and treatment, and complete the leftover documentation (if any). It then gets easier for the wound care billing and coding section to manage account receivables and receive appropriate and timely reimbursements from insurance agencies.

Wound Expert IRIS Module:

This system can ensure that documentation is complete and accurate with the help of evidence (images of the wound). It can also reduce denials in payments and reduced risks with continuous audits and added security.

Wound Care and 3D Printing:

Wound care billing will get a major shift with the implementation of 3D printing in wound care. Once the model is made from 3D printing, it will get easier for the medical practitioners to provide precise treatment for the patient thereby reducing medicine costs for the patients. Also, as documentation and treatment gets precise, so will wound care billing with lesser errors or denials.

Other Software Technology Options:

Today and in future, best medical billing services will be looked at via computerization. Functions such as accounts payable and accounts receivables will be easy to track through accounting functions while claims will be submitted automatically once all the details have been filled in, and verified automatically too (eg. codes etc). A few examples of medical billing and coding software include Lytex (provides alerts when money is to be received from a patient or an insurance agency), Medisoft (generates invoices and tracks payment, and shows up overdue accounts) and Ingenix (identifies saving options). Software called ‘Encoder’ assists medical coding professionals when they input the diagnosis and the system automatically enters the corresponding procedural code for the same. And if the codes are entered manually, the software assists with the coding process. Reimbursements can be calculated too using the type of provider and location.

Healthcare is altering at a rapid pace. With advents in technology, as procedures get easier, quicker and improved with time, so will the wound care billing and coding procedures.

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