5 Reasons why your DME facility might not be generating revenue?

DME facility is majorly dependent on the mandates and regulations set by the federal government.  The recent news of DME facilities overlooking the patient safety and the reselling of Home Medical Equipment (HME) has pushed the states to look for the law to curb irregular treatment of patients. This has further complicated the compliance issues driving down the revenue.

 Here is the look at some of the negating factors affecting your DME facility

  1. Reduced Inflow of patients

For any DME facility, one factor that contributes greatly towards the reimbursement generation is a constant flow of patients. Durable Medical Equipment is usually stabilized equipment’s that after the rigors use of it becomes non-essential for the patient or if the patient needs to make continuous use of it will just need maintenance and repairs. The need for collateral tie-ups with physicians recommending their patients for your DME facility can act as a great booster. Furthermore, a DME facility can instill a marketing technique to promote their attractive rates and range of equipment.

  1. No future plan- Equipment and Reimbursement Flow

DME facility needs to be prepared for the worst in such cases of bankruptcy or action against the facility. The need for the future plan can sometimes act as a lifeboat for your facility in the worst cases. An equipment future plan should also include all the facts and sub-facts that can help you identify if any glitch occurs in the equipment cycle. The equipment’s future plan should include the list of equipment you have under the emergency stock. Reimbursement flow will help you to curtail down the unnecessary revenues and channelize the current reimbursement process.

  1. No Maintenance and feedback center

A maintenance process is what will satisfy your customer and make your DME facility a brand for other patients. Usually, most patients are dependent on the ASC facilities to provide them with equipment maintenance in case of breakage or change but they lack in such department.  A maintenance and feedback system can help you with branding your facility with a nameplate of patient care and also promote your DME billing.

  1. Absence of tie-ups with ASC Clinics

ASC facilities are ideal for patients looking to save up on time and money, a facility that doesn’t require an overnight stay. ASC facilities usually deal with no complex surgical procedures and the patients require an HME for further care. Tie-ups with ASC facilities can help you create a buffer promoting your revenue.

  1. Lack of billing experts

The primary reason an ASC facility usually losses revenue because of improper coding. The need for hiring an expert team of billers and coders hasn’t been felt so much before. A professional team of billers and coders will channelize the reimbursement process for you without affecting your facility. This will help you to systemize the other activities of revenue growth and plan future endeavors.

Medical Billing and Coding is driven by the team working synchronously with each other this, in turn, reduces the glitches and promotes the reimbursement. MedicalBillersandCoders.com (MBC) has accounted for Amount Receivables (AR) up to 97%.

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