Meeting the various regulatory compliances and processing of successful Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Home Medical Equipment (HME) Claims can be a challenge. Rejections and denials of DME/HME claims can cause disruptions to your revenue cycles.

Loss of patients could lead to a fall out if accessing the prescribed medical equipment gets delayed. Also, difficulty in verifying DME supplier’s credentials and report cards could cost you time and money that could well be spent on administering to your patient’s needs!

We, Medical Billers and Coders, are the experts in DME/HME billing needs. We assist in bringing down the complexity in the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) process so that processing of DME claims can augment your revenues. We also see to it that you are in sync with the updated regulatory compliances. Services we perform include:

  • Improved Claims process and A/R collections to augment revenue
  • Ensure HIPPA & OICG complaint
  • Enable stringent documentation to establish ‘’Medical Necessity”
  • Ensure claims to the proper insurer
  • Up-to-date with ICD10 codes
  • The wide knowledge base of updated regulatory compliances
  • Assist in enrollment for DME supplier process

Our expertise in the DME/HME domain helps meet both your clinical as well as operational needs.
The increasing compliance regulations are putting emphasis on an increased number of audits and also leading to competitive bidding. All this operational emphasis can lead to deterioration of your customer base affecting your clinical practice.

Staff competency is a crucial aspect of maintaining both DME and HME standards. The MBC staff that handle DME/HME billing and process workflows are trained in the requisite DME/HME best practices, and especially customized competency programs.

MBC’s DME/HME experts are trained to provide customized assistance to your healthcare services:

  • Billing Process: An optimized and efficient billing with streamlined workflows ensuring quality assurance check for the minimum denial and rejection of claims processes;
  • A/R management: Our trained staff ensures vigilance in monitoring and accountability of unprocessed or held ARs, denials, and AR greater than 90 days.
  • Stringent Internal audit: Up-to-date knowledge on regulatory compliances and stringent internal audits carried out regularly help correct gaps and improve claims and A/R process
  • Customer service —A proactive staff improves patient contacts and thereby improves revenue and patient outcomes.

Why outsourcing your DME/HME is an “operational & clinical necessity”

Underpaid claims and partial payments can cut a practice’s income additionally by five to seven percent. Most physicians and specialists bill primarily for medical services, but not for any durable medical equipment (DME) like back braces, prosthetics, and orthotics provided to patients as part of the prescribed treatment.

Busy specialty practices can realize as much as six figures in net income that otherwise would have gone to DME vendors. The complex labyrinth of insurance claims processing and payment collection, payers with different rules and requirements for claims submissions that often keep changing with no advance notice, can lead to denied and/or rejected claims. So even attempting to handle billing in-house can be pretty overwhelming for staff dealing with patients as well as resubmission of claims.

The immediate benefit: manage your practice more profitably and enhance your revenue stream.

MBC provides you both a customized as well as full service claims clearing using state-of-the-art technology coupled with DME/HME subject matter experts who constantly track payer’s constantly changing rules, requirements, and reimbursement criteria.

MBC helps you minimize claim denials and increase your reimbursements – a strong and appealing solution. Through our advanced analytical reporting tools, healthcare providers can better understand their practice’s business and thereby organize it to more effectively to deal with payer-related and patient-related revenue issues and make intelligent and informed decisions.