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Advantages of Online Durable Medical Equipment’s (DME) Shops

It’s estimated that even more people will opt into online durable medical equipment’s and supply for the delivery. Since 2007, the industry has nearly doubled in size, with more people choosing it as their primary method for getting supplies; it has been witnessing a constant rise in DME billing too. The increase in in-home care has also led to more need for convenient supply access. For many, the advantages of brick-and-mortar retailers are just too great to ignore.

The industry is also set to go on growing at a six percent rate for the next couple of years. Are there any advantages to buying my medical supplies online? Well, it’s been proven that online medical supplies are not only cheaper but also in most cases more available as opposed to going around searching for a physical store that has all the products you need.

DME Billing That Covers Medicare

It is best to think of Medicare’s durable medical equipment coverage as having 2 levels: DME billing is covered when determined to be medically necessary and DME that is never covered despite being medically necessary.

For example, grab bar rails may be completely necessary for an individual, but Medicare does not consider them to be medical equipment and therefore will not cover the cost.

Advantages of online durable medical equipment shopping:

Utilizing covered benefits

Not many people know this, but health insurance plans may actually cover the cost of medical supplies. For people with eligible benefits which can be claimed through DME billing, this is a missed opportunity.

Medical supply delivery is different. With proper diagnosis and the right paperwork, it’s possible to process insurance claims and use them to receive supplies. That means reduced personnel costs and more disposable income to use for other necessities.

It is more convenient

If there’s one thing that the pace of modern life has taught, it’s that time is precious. It’s a lesson that people are showing they’ve learned through their shopping habits.

In the past few years, consumers have reduced the amount of time they actually shop, opting for online durable medical equipment services that are much faster. Speed and convenience are now top-ranking concerns for most consumers, and this is especially true for patients.

24/7 Availability

Unlike physical stores which typically operate for about a few hours per day and still close during weekends and national holidays, online shops never do.

In case of an emergency requirement, you can place an online durable medical equipment order and request overnight delivery and by the next morning, your products will have been shipped. This also helps to curb cases of getting robbed while making a physical purchase.

As one might assume, this process can be rather lengthy. For less expensive items, some seniors choose to purchase the item out-of-pocket rather than waiting months to gain approval. Buying durable medical equipment online is usually the least expensive route. Online durable medical equipment delivery is here to stay. The benefits are just too great for most to pass up. The only question is whether through DME billing you will be able to claim more.


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