Get Error Free Charge entry for DME Billing

The DME coding and billing is a very complicated process and involves not just expertise in the coding and billing of DME services, but also qualities like patience and attentiveness to details. To ensure an efficient and effective Revenue Cycle Management process, the charge entry process needs focus in your DME Billing process.

The charge entry process is the most crucial juncture in the billing cycle – where the claims are created. The significant details required to get correct to make this process seamless are – fact sheet of the patient, physician details, information about the insurance coverage of the patient, and the billing information. It is the most vital process of any medical billing workflow, including the DME billing management process.

To have an error-free charge entry for the DME billing & claims process, diligently follow the below steps

Keying in Medical billing information:

Entering the billing information of the patient is an important step in the charge processing stage. Having trained staff to enter the billing details of the patient, as it includes vital information such as the name of the medical provider, the medical service rendered and the date of the patient’s visit is essential. And cross verification of the data is essential too.

Having a Medical transcription team that can handle the above where each patient has their own account will help for future transactions. The complete demographic data of the patient should be entered. The insurance details that include the primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance coverage of the patient should be keyed in. This then needs to be proofread and verified.

Assigning charges for the medical codes entered

Now the next step requires great patience and focus – assigning appropriate charges to the medical code. The team that you have entrusted with the charge entry should then assign corresponding and appropriate charges, to the codes in the medical coding document. This team should have coding experts who are well updated with the medical coding systems such as – HCPCS, CPT, ICD-10.

EOB follow up & Analysis:

Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and checks received – where partial payments are made, investigation and analysis are then initiated and corrective steps are taken. The team assigned for this enables appropriate decision-making and facilitates the required actions for the recovery of dues.

So if you want your DME claims processed quickly so as to make effective the Revenue Cycle Management process and reduce claim denials, then the Charge entry team need to be expert coders and billers and ensure an efficient process to get the reimbursement that is due and ensure and error-free charge entry process. Outsourcing this process- which involves patience, focus, attention to detail, expertise in the knowledge of codes and billing, is always a better option so that leaves you free to concentrate on your service- patient health and satisfaction.