Critical factors to consider before you outsource DME billing and coding

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) as a healthcare industry field is different from other specialties and so is its medical billing and coding requirements. You need an in-depth and specialized knowledge of all the updated HCPCS Level II codes as DME claims are classified under HCPCS Level II.

And as to speak about DME suppliers, the complex nature of reimbursement is another challenge they constantly face. Since patients can rent expensive equipment rather than purchase, DME billers and coders must be conscious of exactly how to code claims and when to send them for getting the precise reimbursement amounts. What this means is that the code should lay down the equipment was rented and not purchased. The rental period should be recorded separately on the claim so that the insurance company will pay a small reimbursement for each of those days.

Outsourcing your DME medical billing tasks facilitates a smart solution for your hospital billing requirements, assisting you to organize the entire billing and collection process at a portion of your current operating costs. If you want to make the in-house workload a bit lighter, it’s a great idea to consider outsourcing your DME billing.

Here are some important ways by which Medical Billers and Coders prove to be a great help for DME suppliers:

  • To reduce the number of inaccuracies, many suppliers opt to outsource the billing and coding process to an entity that specializes in medical billing software and coding. Professional billers focus exclusively on the filing of claims, so there is no pressure on them to treat urgent patients or save lives. They take the workload off you and your staff, giving you ample time to focus on other matters.
  • DME billing and coding management software have more expertise and necessary resources. To save the overhead costs you can outsource services in the lump sum, which might have been costly to handle internally.
  • Patients that do not qualify for insurance claims can benefit greatly from the wide variety of skills and alternatives that experts in our organization can assist with.
  • Retaining staff for billing purposes can get costly. Hiring a new person means costs of training, the employee’s salary, taxes, as well as compensation for the turnover. But contracting with an offshore entity eliminates these problems as they already having trained professionals.
  • When patients have any issues in their DME billing, they can directly connect with medical representatives that have in-depth DME billing knowledge. This will diminish the burden placed on in-house staff. The medical billing agents will be able to answer questions, handle grievances, and provide the services to your patients. Keep in mind that customer satisfaction is the purpose of any business and it will definitely increase.

These are some of the paybacks you get when you consider hiring an outsourced DME billing and coding company. It will lead your facility towards decreased patient frustration, a financially solid bottom line, expectable cash flow, and increased net revenue saving time, money, and resources.