Has Implementing EHR Benefitted Medical Billing Processes?

Implementation EHRof EHR system has helped practices overcome the challenges of paper-based systems that are risky and time-consuming. EHR is not only playing a vital role in provision of quality medical care but also in the management of daily operations.

How EHR has benefitted medical billing and coding?

EHR offers various advantages for medical practices apart from Medicare and Medicaid incentive payments. As per an analysis of Medicare date from American Hospital Directory; a rise of 47% was witnessed in Medicare payments for hospitals that adopted EHRs

  • Implementation of EHR has simplified the process of complex documentation due to which high level of coding and creation of accurate claims has become easy to handle
  • EHR will make the ICD-10 transition easier for coders, helping them handle the complexities of the new coding system
  • With EHR system, now claims can be processed automatically which means, medical billing errors will reduce and practices won’t have to hire extra staff for the manual claim filing
  • Billing hassles have been reduced as the exchange of information between different healthcare levels such as imaging centre, hospitals and labs has become easy and efficient
  • EHR programs with claims clearing house capability will help billers in verification of patients’ insurance and send the claim quickly
  • Inefficiency of paper work has been reduced with the use of EHR and now physicians can access patient information like diagnosis, tests, procedures and prescriptions with a mouse click, simplifying the billing process
  • With EHR system, productivity and work quality of coders has improved as they are able to access their work remotely and read the digital documents directly

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Have you implemented EHR in your practice?

EHR makes billing and coding easier and helps in quick insurance reimbursement but not all systems include billing and coding capabilities; therefore, practices need to choose an EHR system that includes these capabilities. Practices that conduct in-house billing can use the EHR system for coding, sending and following-up on claims. They can also use it for management of patient balances and other essential medical billing practices that are required for maximizing revenue.

Even though EHR is effective, selection and implementation of an EHR system is quite challenging, especially for small practices. Considering the lack of time and money, physicians are found concentrating more on computer screens rather than patient care. Getting the latest technology and training the staff for using them is complex and time consuming.

Physicians who are primarily focused on patient care find it too much to handle these challenges. Therefore, they opt for billing partners like Medicalbillersandcoders.com that offer a team of expert billers and coders along with EHR consultancy. MBC has alliance with leading EHR vendors who help practices in successful implementation of the system that results in timely reimbursements, increased productivity and increased patient satisfaction. Pressure is rising for demonstration of improved care so, while our experts streamline your medical billing and fulfil EHR requirements you can concentrate on quality patient care.