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Implementing an Ideal EMR System for Your Practice

“Judging from the evidences of successful EMR implementation, customization has been the pivotal element, and will hold good for future also. Taking cue from such references, practices can benefit immensely, and successfully mitigate the probability of misadventure”

More than the mandatory obligation of digitalizing/computerizing/electronically recording healthcare data, it is the overwhelming benefits over investment outlay that have convinced physicians, clinics, hospitals, and multi-specialty groups of the efficacy of implementing Electronic Medical Recording (EMR) in their practices. But, implementing the EMR systems that best serves your individualistic needs is not as easy as arriving at the decision to implement it. In fact, there have been instances of unsuccessfully implemented ventures at it. Therefore, presuming EMR to be universal, and leaving your EMR implementation to your vendor’s discretion could prove to be a costly error.

Judging from the evidences of successful implementation, customization has been the pivotal element, and will hold good for future also. Taking cue from such references, practices can benefit immensely, and successfully mitigate the probability of misadventure. The following pro-active approach should be a guiding light in the search of an effective and efficient Electronic Medical Recording System Implementation:

  • Defining your needs:
    The first step to an effective and efficient EMR system is an internal analysis leading to a clear definition of your needs in terms of scope and volume of data capture. Such an internal analysis aids in preparing an amicable budget outlay for your individualistic EMR system implementation.
  • Spelling out your hardware and software requirements:
    Having defined your needs, you should be able to clearly spell out your hardware and software requirements in line with your scope and volume of data capture needs. Doing so can cut out unnecessarily over-installing your capacity at an exorbitant cost.
  • Short listing vendors: In a market characterized by vendor-oligopoly, selection becomes tricky. Therefore, it is desirable that you prune down the list depending on vendors’ relative credentials. Being an important exercise on the way to successful implementation, this can be crucial in avoiding a wrong choice of vendor.
  • Arranging for demo: A preliminary demonstration of EMR Systems can reduce your apprehension over their capability. Therefore, it is advisable that you are presented with demos by short-listed vendors.
  • Confirming on pre and post installation training: Mere installation would not serve your purpose comprehensively; ensuring proper orientation of your staff to the technology assumes greater significance. Therefore, your vendor should be able to provide for such orientation.
  • The extent of post installation services: Like your vendor’s capability for providing pre and post installation orientation, their promise for extensive after-sales service is also an important consideration prior to choosing an EMR system for your practice.

The fore-play of these factors is likely to pose mounting challenges to physicians, who may lack the foresight on something that is not their core competence. Inevitably, they would need to seek out help from Medical Billing Management Service providers.

Medicalbillersandcoders.com, with a wealth of knowledge on advising medical fraternity with proven solutions in Medical Billing Management – technology interface for seamless reporting of medical data being one of their niche solutions – should be an ideal ally in helping to choose the best EMR System mapped to your unique needs, ensure your practice in congruence with Federal Healthcare Mandate for EMR, and even make your practices eligible for incentives for meeting the Best Practices in Electronic Medical Record System.


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