Physicians Adopt HIE To Help Improve Care and Cut Costs

The American healthcare sector is slowly and steadily welcoming value based care. It stresses on the importance of providing the best quality services to patients but at limited costs. However, this shift to value based care is not going to be very easy. Several obstacles stand in front of it as of now. From the physician’s perspective, operations are going to get a wee bit tougher, with the emphasis now being on cutting costs, and providing efficient services. Keeping track of all the necessary patient information with the new value based models stepping in can be quite expensive for a physician or a practice. In order to keep track of all patient related information without a complete system overhaul, it is best for practices to turn towards the technology of HIE or Health Information Exchange.

HIE and its benefits

Multiple healthcare providers are getting into HIE or Health Information Exchange, which helps in facilitating patient care in a coordinated way, and also goes a long way in reducing duplicative treatments. This is a growing trend among providers of healthcare services because of the multiple benefits offered by HIE. These benefits are discussed below.

  • HIE helps in eliminating numerous medical errors, and increases quality of patient care significantly
  • Unnecessary paperwork is eliminated, thereby increasing efficiency
  • Helps in educating patients regarding their own treatments, making them more aware of the treatment process
  • Eliminates unnecessary testing
  • Plays a key part in improving public health monitoring and reporting
  • Gives providers several support tools to promote better care and treatment
  • Efficiently deploys newer technologies and services for patients to enjoy
  • Helps in creating a feedback loops between actual practice and research
  • Is a backbone for the technical infrastructure in the healthcare sector
  • Promotes interoperation between EHRs (Electronic Health Records) which are maintained by various organizations and physicians

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HIE systems provide healthcare providers with access to vital information that can prevent many errors in treating patients. Automatic reminders for appointments or other instructions are also sent to patients through these HIE systems. The time spent by patients in completing unnecessary formalities is almost completely eliminated by HIE systems. Health outcomes and cost benefits will both see improvements thanks to HIE.

Need of billing partner

With so much data to capture, errors can happen on a frequent basis, which can deal a huge blow to the finances of healthcare service providers and clinics. For this reason, many hospitals and clinics are searching for billing partners nowadays, to help with the billing and coding process as well as in the implementation of HIE. Some of the benefits offered by these third party billing companies are:

  • Better handling in terms of documentation can help greatly in correctly implementing HIE
  • Proper guidance in terms of software usage
  • Reduction of errors
  • Proper industry updates in order to keep the HIE up to date
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency in the billing process
  • Increased cash flow
  • Simplified collection process

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