Know your DME HCPCS Codes

In DME medical billing, your DME coders require correct HCPCS codes along with correct modifiers that are used for providing more details about the equipment. If your medical coders are unable to use modifiers or not using them in the correct manner, then the claims may get denied by the insurance company. Some common DME modifiers include RR- rental, UE- purchase of used equipment, and NU- purchase of new equipment. Know your DME HCPCS Codes

When a laboratory demand, request for DME is being filled, medical coders will be needed for ICD-10 codes for a patient’s diagnosis.

To use an appropriate HCPCS code for the DME item, many HCPCS codes need a modifier. Modifiers are used to provide more details about the DME item. e.g. The modifier might indicate to HMSA that an item is new, rented on a capped basis, or rented. For capped rentals, modifiers differentiate which month’s rental is being billed.

If your billers use these modifiers incorrectly then the claim will be rejected. To speed up this process of your claims, show the first-month rental by adding the appropriate modifier code and bill your claims in successive order.

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HCPCS Code Range:

E0100-E8002: Durable Medical Equipment

E0100-E0159: Walking Aids and Attachments

E0160-E0162: Sitz Bath/Equipment

E0163-E0175: Commode Chair and Supplies

E0181-E0199: Pressure Mattresses, Pads, and Other Supplies

E0200-E0239: Heat, Cold, and Light Therapies

E0240-E0249: Bathing Supplies

E0250-E0373: Hospital Beds and Associated Supplies

E0424-E0487: Oxygen Delivery Systems and Related Supplies

E0500-E0500: Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing Devices

E0550-E0601: Humidifiers and Nebulizers with Related Equipment

E0602-E0604: Breast Pumps

E0605-E0606: Other Breathing Aids

E0607-E0620: Monitoring Equipment

E0621-E0642: Patient Lifts and Support Systems

E0650-E0676: Pneumatic Compressors and Appliances


E0700-E0710: Safety Devices

E0720-E0770: Stimulation Devices

E0776-E0791: Infusion Pumps and Supplies

E0830-E0948: Traction and Other Orthopedic Devices

E0950-E1036: Wheelchair Accessories

E1037-E1039: Transport Chairs

E1050-E1070: Fully Reclining Wheelchairs

E1083-E1086: Hemi-Wheelchairs

E1087-E1090: Lightweight, High-strength Wheelchairs

E1092-E1093: Heavy Duty, Wide Wheelchairs

E1100-E1110: Semi-reclining Wheelchairs

E1130-E1161: Standard Wheelchairs

E1170-E1200: Amputee Wheelchairs

E1220-E1228: Other Wheelchairs and Accessories

E1229-E1239: Pediatric Wheelchairs

E1240-E1270: Lightweight Wheelchairs

E1280-E1298: Heavy Duty and Special Wheelchairs

E1300-E1310: Whirlpool Baths

E1352-E1406: Accessories for Oxygen Delivery Devices

E1500-E1699: Dialysis Systems and Accessories

E1700-E1702: Jaw Motion Rehabilitation Systems

E1800-E1841: Extension/Flexion Rehabilitation Devices

E1902-E1902: Communication Boards

E2000-E2120: Miscellaneous Pumps and Monitors

E2201-E2295: Manual Wheelchair Accessories

E2300-E2398: Power Wheelchair Accessories

E2402-E2402: Wound Therapy Pumps

E2500-E2599: Speech Generating Devices, Software, and Accessories

E2601-E2625: Wheelchair Seat and Back Cushions

E2626-E2633: Wheelchair Mobile Arm Supports

E8000-E8002: Pediatric Gait Trainers

HCPCS codes range from E0100 to E8002 for Durable Medical Equipment is the standard code set that is significant for health insurance providers and Medicare to provide reimbursement.

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