Adapting your Dental Billing Practices to Generate Highest Revenue

Dental Billing ServicesThe success of your dental practice relies on low over head costs, maximum revenue for services performed as well as satisfied customers. The generation of high revenues is possible if all procedures right from consultation, coding, billing and reimbursement by the payers is error free and timely. The medical billing and RCM of your dental practice can be increased and unnecessary audits avoided buy correct coding and claim filing.

  • Training staff for billing – The overall of effectiveness of your Dentistry practice and support staff can be improved tremendously by training them on how to operate routine machines and administer regular procedures as well as the correct billing procedures. It not only increases the overall proficiency as well as leads to better time management for your practice
  • EMR Adoption – Utilizing the Electric Record of Patient is the backbone of all effective medical billing companies practices as well as an efficient and up to date billing system. The designing and usage of your dentistry medical billing on the basis of solid EMR practices not only greatly multiplies your billing competency but also entitles you for Medicare Rewards for efficient use of EMR.
  • Update coding changes – The Dentistry practice is undergoing constant changes and detailed surgical procedures are also included in the scope of dentistry. Changes in both primary and alternate healthcare for HSPC coding, ICD-9 and ICD-10 make is essential for dentistry practices to update themselves for all these codes and not just the CPT9900 and 9200 codes. Regular and periodic updates of the coding practices in dentistry medical billing will ensure no Medicare audits or malpractice claims.
  • Regular Auditing – In order to strengthen the medical billing system of your dentistry practice and to flush out possible errors, regular auditing is necessary. These evaluations and audits lead to effective preparation for actual audits and reduce avoidable expenses and costs for your dentistry practice.
  • Claim Submission and Follow-up – The different insurers have different claim filing procedures and pay out mix with specific pre-authorization and documentation procedures. Your Dentistry practice and its employees must be aware of the different procedures and guidelines for medical billing by Medicare, Medicaid and other insurers.
  • Claim Denial Monitoring – An effective way of reduction of financial loss is a successful scrutiny of the issues cited for claim denials and to solve them immediately. If your Dental practice is financially viable, then the desired goal of minimal claim denial must be achieved and it is possible with continuous attention on the billing and claim filing processes and guidelines.
  • Customer Service – Dissatisfaction of customers is the foremost reason for malpractice claims by dentistry clients. The ease with which over the counter solutions are available on the internet requires the practices to turn their focus on the services they provide along with retaining long term customer satisfaction and referrals to gain regular revenues and profits. is the expert for Dentistry medical billing. Your practice can benefit immensely by using an all-inclusive coding and billing management program. offer comprehensive revenue cycle management services for your practice and promotes healthy returns for your Dentistry Practice.