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Collaboration between Primary Care and Chiropractic Care

Doctors of chiropractic practice work in a diverse environment which leads them towards diverse medical settings. The medical settings of chiropractic work with the close proximity of the medical billing service providers this has led to a diverse role for chiropractic specialty physicians looking towards the conventional healthcare facilities. Here are some of the cases through which we can understand the collaboration between the primary care and chiropractic care physicians affecting the billing.

Chiropractic care has reported a range of effectiveness when it comes to managing the musculoskeletal disorders, in which you have to go through the spine-related pain and disability. Over the last two decades, the public health care delivery system in the United States has integrated chiropractic care as one of the offered services. The private care is also stepping in to understand different requirements of the patients and how they can manage the primary care and chiropractic care to effectively induce patient care in the process. The recent survey of the chiropractic examiners practices we saw that 9 percent of the chiropractic doctors practice privately other than chiropractic offices, which also holds 7.8 percent who work in an integrated healthcare facility.

In a collaborative model that has been proposed to deal with the complexity underlying the different human conditions. The models can be complex, varying, with a structure, process and with different outcomes.

  • The use of a collaborative approach results in the blurring of certain roles and responsibilities for the treatment of patients and when it comes to dealing with different billing scenarios.
  • An inter-professional process of communication means that we have to deal with decision making which enables the process of communication for decision making.
  • With interaction, there would be an increase in the inter-professional skills for communication and decisions making that enable spreading the shared knowledge and skills.

Although for the chiropractic practice there is a growing evidence that collaborating with a growing number of primary care physician or with an integration of the of multidisciplinary care environment we could successfully result into a co-management of the patients which results into environment which can help in engaging the good communication, patient interest, and openness to discussion. With the co-management, it has also been found that under a human condition of musculoskeletal condition we have better cooperation between the parties.

There also have been reports of patient care being affected when it comes to collaborative care. The setting has made patients reluctant to approach the care as the poor information setting sets in through which patient information gets fragmented and the quality of patient care tumbles down. Though a collaborative approach can be a better form of patient care we still need to adhere to various factors where we can convey the required information when the requirement arises or during the time when a patient goes through a treatment phase.

Medical Billers and Coders (MBC) has initiated various collaboration processes when it comes to catering to the needs of patients and physicians. For communication and billing, we have maintained an open channel where both parties can express their views without being adhered. This has resulted in an increase in revenue by 20 percent for chiropractic physicians.


Medical Billers and Coders

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