Stay Ahead in the Competition with Specialized Dental Billing Services

dental-medical-billing-servicesMaintaining high standards in dental care and staying ahead in competition is possible only when you offer quality care. This is usually a difficult task considering the lack of time and trained staff for handling pressures of healthcare reforms.

Striking a balance between quality dental care services and time-consuming back office tasks has become difficult for dentists. Claims don’t get submitted on time due to which practices don’t get paid for the services they offer.

Challenges being faced by dental practitioners:

In the absence of well-trained coders, determining how to bill a procedure which involves medical as well as dental carrier has become a common billing problem. Issues related to coding surgical procedures, appeals process, understanding an EOB and medical carrier credentialing are also affecting dental billing. These challenges delay claim submission and resubmissions and result in under or non-payments.

How can specialized dental billing services help?

With the help of specialized dental billing services, practitioners can enhance their operational efficiency and revenue cycle management. Medical billing services will be covering the following areas for a dental practice:

  • Patient registration, including creation or updating of personal details of patients
  • Eligibility Verification and benefits to find out if a patient is eligible for dental insurance
  • Patient scheduling for new as well as follow-up appointments
  • Cash posting for applying insurance payments to a patient’s account
  • Following-up with insurance companies
  • Denial management for handling denied claims by reprocessing and closing of claims
  • Improving patient collections by informing patients about the time and portion of their bill payable by them
  • Claim analysis for identification of causes due to which claims are held up for a long duration

Billing companies have expert billing specialists, quality controllers, accountants and other professionals who can offer you customized solutions as per your needs. Since a separate team of coders and billers will be appointed for your dental practice, your claims will be processed timely and in accordance with the reimbursement norms.

Payment settlement will be done with accuracy and dental services will be suitably depicted under various categories and subheads. Accurate details of treatment and surgery will also be provided so that unnecessary claim denials can be avoided. Only an expert team will be able to attain the right level of detailing which is required for accurate reimbursement.

It helps to have a dental medical billing mechanism in place similar to services offered by The team at MBC is acquainted with ADCA (American Dental Coders Association) and is updated with coding techniques and industry information on a constant basis. We have been offering comprehensive billing services to dentists across 50 states in the US and our team has a good understanding of the billing requirements to maximize reimbursements. While experts are handling the strenuous tasks of denial management, patient billing, electronic claim filing, and follow-ups with insurance carriers, procedure coding according to the compliance standards, you can pay full attention towards enhancing quality of patient care.