Streamlined Dental Billing Can Enhance Revenue Collection for Your Practice by 20%

Dental practices need to streamline their billing tasks in order to enhance revenue collection. Accuracy needs to be exercised in coding, billing, timely claim submission and follow-ups to get paid for the services offered.

Challenges faced by dental practitioners:

With an increase in work pressure due to healthcare reforms, daunting back office tasks and rise in number of patients, dental practices are facing various billing challenges and it has reduced their reimbursement to a great extent. If your practice revenue has also hit a plateau, there are corrections you need to make in your business processes.

There are various categories and subheads under which dental services have been classified. Payment settlement can take place successfully only when the services are depicted appropriately in the billing system. In case of inaccurate details, the claim processing time can get delayed. It can lead to denied claims, affecting cash flow of a dental practice.

How can streamlining dental medical billing help your practice?

Compared to medical reimbursement rates, dental reimbursement rates are generally poor. A huge amount of complex execution and planning is required to maintain a certain level of profitability which can only be possible when you are streamlining dental medical billing tasks. Following areas will have to be taken care of when streamlining dental billing:

  • Medical coding auditsMedical Billing Companies Services
  • Patient enrollment
  • Patient reminders and scheduling
  • Payment posting
  • Insurance verification
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Insurance authorizations
  • Financial management reporting

Do you have the time to handle these tasks?

It becomes challenging for dentists to strike a balance between offering quality dental services and handling the daunting task of dental medical billing and coding. Busy schedule of dental practitioners does not allow them to handle both tasks simultaneously and this affects the entire process of claim submission.

At times dental practices have sufficient time but they lack skilled staff to carry out dental billing tasks with accuracy. In such cases, seeking help from a billing company makes sense as they have a team of experts who pay great attention to details and are trained in quick processing of dental claims. They carry out all the tasks in adherence to relevant norms so that dentists can maximize their reimbursements and minimize claim denials.

Billing partner such as have been helping dental practices across the US enhance their revenue collection. We have the largest consortium of coders and billers who are well-trained to handle challenging dental billing requirements. Our main aim is to ensure that dental practitioners get rid of the strenuous optimization exercises that prove problematic to core medical efficiencies.

The team of experts at MBC will analyze your payer mix and offer you assistance in attaining sustainable profitability by enhancing processes. While a well-trained team is taking care of your dental billing and coding tasks, you can focus on providing qualitative care to your patients. MBC strives to improve the financial health of your practice under careful and effective administration.