Streamlined Dental Billing Solution Essential for Timely Reimbursement

Streamlined Dental Billing Solution Essential for Timely ReimbursementAccuracy in billing and coding is fundamental to the existence of any dental practice. From claim submission and follow-ups to receiving payments for the services offered, it is important to streamline dental medical billing tasks to ensure timely payments.

Due to lack of skilled staff and rise in number of patients, it is becoming difficult for dentists to strike a balance between back office tasks and quality care. It is creating dental billing challenges, reducing reimbursements for providers.

Benefits of streamlining dental medical billing tasks:

You can improve cash flow and enhance cost savings only when you streamline your dental medical billing tasks. It will not just reduce claim denials and increase collections but also improve office efficiency, giving you enough time to focus on patient care.

Areas that need to be streamlined include:

  • Timely claim submission
  • Follow-ups with insurance companies
  • Patient registration
  • Verification of eligibility
  • Denial management
  • Claim analysis
  • Patient scheduling
  • Enhancing patient collections
  • Cash posting for applying insurance payments to patient accounts

Considering time constraint and rising pressure of healthcare reforms, dental practices are facing difficulties in focusing on above-mentioned areas. Common dental coding and billing problems like how to bill a procedure that involves dental and medical carrier, coding surgical procedures, appeals process, credentialing with medical carriers or understanding EOB are not taken care of due to which the revenue cycle gets affected.

A large number of dental practices are therefore seeking assistance from an external billing company to handle these services and streamline their dental billing tasks to ensure timely payments.

How can outsourcing reorganize dental billing?

Reputed billing companies have a team of expert billing specialists, accountants, quality controllers and other professionals who are well-trained in offering customized dental billing solutions. A separate team of coders and billers will be assigned to handle dental billing for your practice so; you can be assured that the billing tasks are being taken care of, even if you or your staff is on leave or holiday.

Billing companies are focused on timely claim processing that too, in accordance with the reimbursement norms. Accuracy is ensured in payment settlement and right level of detailing is attained so that dental practices obtain timely payments. Various US dental practitioners have been able to counteract billing challenges and increase revenue by outsourcing their billing requirements. has a well-trained team of coders and billers who are acquainted with American Dental Coders Association (ADCA). The team is regularly updated with coding changes, industry information and required skill set for handling dental billing requirements. MBC coders and billers can easily handle the intricacies of dental billing to ensure maximum reimbursements.

We will not only help in reducing payment delays but also avoid non payments and under payments. Our main aim is to offer a dental medical billing mechanism and streamline all administrative tasks. While we handle your revenue cycle management, you can use your time to concentrate on quality patient care.