EBook Overview of Pharmacists: Challenges, Strategies, Effective Guidelines & Processes

Pharmacists: Challenges, Strategies, Effective Guidelines & Processes
Pharmacists: Challenges, Strategies, Effective Guidelines & Processes

The changing healthcare landscape is impacting pharmacists in the US to face new challenges and look for innovative ways to create an effective and efficient pharmacy system. This ebook titled Pharmacists: Challenges, Strategies, Effective Guidelines & Processes, is an excellent compilation of the challenges being faced by pharmacists and the strategies that have been introduced with the introduction of the Affordable Care Act.

In a very concise style it provides an expansive picture of the alternative frameworks available for pharmacists to increase their revenue. The progress of how healthcare reforms have provided for new approaches along with the changing status of the Pharmacist has been impressively captured in comparative maps. This visual time-capsule maps the evolving status of the Collaborative Practice Agreements(CPAs) highlighting the role of the pharmacist from Over the Counter (OTC) to now being an active participant towards achieving the goals of the ACA – improving and delivering healthcare quality and reducing costs. This new emerging role of the pharmacist may bring relief for the already burdened physician.

Tips on what makes for good and effective pharmacy billing and the concise guidelines are very interesting, especially the simple tips that can help implement enhanced Collaborative Practice Agreements(CPAs). This informative ebook also very effectively subtly informs the pharmacists the areas that need focus during the billing process, where implementation of streamlining the workflows can reduce revenue leakages and help reduce costs. How to make effective the reimbursement process and improve efficiency in the pharmacy workflow has been well enumerated in this simply written yet packaged with information ebook which can be a good start for pharmacists to help increase the scope of their pharmacy practice.

Pharmacists & healthcare delivery providers should download this effective and comprehensive ebook to look at enhancing collaborative practices that can impact not just the practice of pharmacy but bring about far reaching change in healthcare delivery.