High-Paying Physician Specialties Opt For Specialized Medical Billing Services

Compensation surveys in the medical world have seen several specialties dominate, with certain physician specialties becoming more high-paying than others with each passing year.

The specialty of Neonatology holds the distinction of having a far greater increase in average compensation which stands at 11.9%. Plastic surgeons finished second, and saw an increase of 8%. Intensivists, who dominated the surveys previously, experienced an increase of 4.8%. Invasive cardiologists and orthopedic surgeons also saw massive increases in their average annual compensation. Many specialties even faced declines in their compensation rates. For example, non-invasive cardiologists and anesthesiologists saw declines by 4.4% and 0.5% respectively.

Key reasons behind the high-paying specialties

The specialties which are enjoying the highest compensation rates at the moment are driven by a number of reasons. In the following points, we will be discussing reasons given by many experts, explaining the increase in compensation for particular specialties.

  • ACA and Patient Protection: Several experts believe that the Affordable Care Act and Patient Protection have played key roles in increasing compensation gains for primary-care specialties. Medical reforms are overtaking the American healthcare sector, and stress strongly on primary-care as the foundation. For this reason, primary-care physicians have experienced massive increases in their average annual earnings.
  • Preparations for medical reforms: The much awaited medical reforms, which have already started to restructure the healthcare industry in America, can be sighted as one of the most important reasons for the higher compensations. Many medical organizations and companies have already started to prepare for whatever the reforms are going to bring, and increasing compensation is definitely a part of that preparation.
  • Payment Models: The newer payment models, especially the ones laid down by the government, which stress on value for customers, is also an important reason for the increase in earnings for certain specialties.

Thanks to their increased workload, physicians these days are concentrating solely on patients, and thus, have no time to look after the medical billing process. Moreover, insurance products in the healthcare sector have become so many, that keeping track of all the various events and transactions becomes a very hectic process. Many medical offices have not been paid their dues by the insurance companies, thanks to improper billing and coding. In such a situation, the role of streamlined medical billing has become even more significant.

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