Neurology Billing Tips for Claim Settlement Delays

Neurology Billing Tips For Claim Settlement DelaysNeurology practices, just like any other specialty need a sound coding and billing procedure to ensure timely claims settlement. It is also vital for generating steady revenue for neurologists, hence they are now  Outsourcing Neurology Billing Services. Neurology practices can ensure claims settlement in the right manner only when medical billing and coding practices are in order.

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It is important to know whether the medical and the support staff at your practice are well-informed about the correct billing and coding procedures. Billing and coding can face various issues at a neurology practice; however, there are a few tips with which providers can avoid unnecessary delays in claims settlement.

Adoption of ICD-10 Coding

If you do not want any delays in claims settlement, you need to ensure that the coders, billers, and practice staff is well-trained in using the latest and updated coding (including ICD-10) and CPT for medical procedures. This will not only result in error-free billing but also ensure accuracy in records aiding later inspections.

Need for Regular Training

You need to train your staff for dealing with the latest practices, and billing and coding processes if you want to reduce claims settlement delays.  Make sure it is being carried out as per the planned schedule so that they are aptly prepared for servicing the needs of patients. The training should ideally be devoid of any interruption. If the staff is trained in the fee-for-value model it will prove to be beneficial for the practice as they will be able to understand the concept of enhancing the level of patient satisfaction.

Usage of Accurate Coding Levels

In order to avoid cloning claims, it is extremely important to use the correct coding level for every patient. This needs to be done according to the patient’s level of illness because if billing is done for all patients at the same level, it can result in an audit. Neurology practices must ensure that such practices are not followed for the simple reason; all patients cannot be sick at the same level of illness.

Patient Benefits Verification

Medical staff at neurology practices should check with the patient for all applicable co-payments, co-insurance responsibilities, and deductibles. At the time of registration, verification should be done for any specific procedures and approvals required.

Neurologists should also maintain accuracy in records and medical histories as it helps in timely counseling of patients and to bring down the chances of delayed claims. There should be regular follow-ups for tests prescribed to patients along with monitoring of outstanding accounts. is a team of expert billers and coders, offering specialized billing and coding services to different medical specialties, including neurologists across all 50 states. The team understands the complexities of neurology billing and its terminologies. They have valuable experience in providing expert technical help to neurologists for their billing and coding requirements.

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