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Initial Step in Behavioral Health Billing Process

Medical Billing itself a complicated process. However, medical billing for Behavioral health is a whole new level of complexity. We make the Behavioral Health Billing Process smoother and efficient to get paid faster. Behavioral Health billing comes with its own set of unique and complex challenges. Between the types of services offered, unbundling concerns, pre-authorization, and the number of staff and their time availability, behavioral health facilities are often at a disadvantage compared to other health professionals.

By ensuring that the process for Behavioral Health Billing is running error-free you can spend more time and energy focusing on what truly matters – your can focus on your patients.

Why is Mental Health Medical Billing So Difficult and Complex?

Medical billing for behavioral health services is more complex than other areas of healthcare of the types of services, scope, time, and restraints placed on behavioral treatments. For an instance, if someone visits a behavioral specialist, one must likely to undergo through a standard series of tests. This typically includes information like patient’s height and weight, checking blood pressure, listening to the patient’s heart, and few other tests if required.

These all tests and exams are standardized across all patients, it requires some amount of time, and it slightly differs from patient to patient. In the same way, when providers bill these routine check-ups to healthcare payers, the billing is standardized and repetitive and are often bundled into one overall charge.

However, the very unpredictable and varied nature of behavioral health treatment does not allow the luxury of convenient medical billing to those who practice it. This treatment is much different than other practices. Behavioral health practices include session length, the therapeutic approach, the location in which services are rendered – all contribute to the complex nature of behavioral health medical billing.

So, are you ready as a behavioral health practitioner, to make smoother your revenue cycle management process smoother and efficient?

Patient’s insurance and coverage

There can be instances where a patient’s insurance is expired or not renewed on time. To check the eligibility of each patient is a tedious task but its a more essential task to take care of to avoid denials. However, making sure you know the coverage available for patients before their date of service will make sure that you will receive your deserved amount at the first place.

We at Medical Billers and Coders (MBC), make sure each and every patient’s information is up to date in your billing software. We check the patient’s eligibility beforehand so that you will be in a place to ensure that you are getting paid from all payers or directly from the patient at the time of service.

Many insurance providers have online portals where you can quickly and easily verify patient’s eligibility and benefits. If the insurance provider does not have an online portal or the portal does not answer all of your questions, you can call to the insurance company’s helpline number using the patient’s member ID and personal info (DOB, etc.) from their insurance card to discover their benefits.

If you want to make this process smoother, you can reach out to our medical billing experts at 888-357-3226 or email us at


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